For Immediate Release:
April 5, 2017

(Anderson, SC) – TCNA Director of Laboratory Services Claudio Bizzaglia has completed several rounds of conversation regarding the assembly of a Global Lab Network, TCNA announced today.

The goals of the Network include establishing standards for precision in test methods among its affiliates, as well as accepted norms for responsiveness and overall service, while also providing forums for best practices, problem-solving, and networking, Bizzaglia says.

“We feel that intercontinental cooperation will be of great benefit to the scientific community — not only from a pure scientific standpoint, but from a business standpoint,” Bizzaglia says. “Customers at my colleagues’ labs in Italy frequently ask them for a referral to a lab in the US for testing here in the States, for example. With international accord on Global Lab Network standards, my colleague in Italy can be confident in referring his customer to an affiliate lab here in the US.

“Conversely, when I have a request for a lab in South America, I will be able to simply refer my customer to a Global Lab Network affiliate in Brazil, because we together will have done our due diligence on one another.”

Ultimately, Bizzaglia envisions the Global Lab Network reaching out to impact more than just matters of scientific interest.

“It is possible that ultimately, through international cooperation among the lab community, we may be able to provide education and understanding in lesser developed regions that penetrates into the marketplace,” Bizzaglia notes. “It is possible that through reaching out on scientific matters, we may be able to assist producers, not always in compliance with international standards, and provide some help and assistance. We have had good results with this type of engagement before.”

To date, the Network has commitments from the TCNA Lab, which operates facilities in both the US and Mexico, as well as a lab in Brazil. Plans are underway to engage European facilities in the Network.

About TCNA

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