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April 24, 2024 

(Atlanta, GA)—Tile Council of North America (TCNA), tile manufacturers, installation material manufacturers, and various labor associations recently met to discuss additions and updates to ceramic, glass, and stone tile installation methods for incorporation in the 2024 TCNA Handbook. Meeting sponsors included LATICRETE, Daltile, Portobello America, Schluter Systems, Crossville Inc., Custom Building Products, Ironrock, Tile and Stone Council of Northern California, and Barnes and Thornburg. Additionally, tile industry leaders went to Capitol Hill to meet with congressional and senatorial staff members.

Showcasing tile’s remarkable elegance, versatility, and style, 14 members of Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA) generously donated one-of-a-kind, handcrafted tiled doghouses to the Homeless Pets Foundation at Coverings 2024 in Atlanta, GA.

The participating companies include: AlysEdwards Tile & Stone (booth #7159), American Olean (meeting suite #245), Crossville, Inc. (booth #7048), Del Conca USA (booth #3845), Jeffrey Court (meeting suite #227), Marble Systems (booth #7211), Merola Tile Distributors of America (booth #7018), Mosaic Companies (booth #7708), Panariagroup USA (booth #7720), Portobello America (booth #7320), Questech Corp. (meeting suite #320), Roca USA (booth #7520), Summitville Tiles (booth #7253), and Unique Design Solutions (booth #7363).

The forms used to make the doghouses were custom manufactured and contributed by Wedi Corp. (booth #7752) using grout and mortar donated by LATICRETE (booth #7758).

“We are very grateful to have been selected to receive these wonderful doghouses,” remarked Ashley Good, director of the Homeless Pets Foundation. “They will go a long way in supporting our mission to save the lives of cats and dogs that have run out of time at public shelters through fostering and adoption events and to provide them with medical care. We believe all pets deserve to live in a stable and loving home for their natural lifespan and are very thankful to TCNA and its members for helping us help pets in need!”

“We are pleased to partner again with the Homeless Pets Foundation to assist with the great work they do for Atlanta-area pets,” remarked Kathy Meyer, TCNA’s marketing director. “The doghouses are a way our members give back each year at Coverings to the local community, and they demonstrate yet one more way tile can be used to beautify a space.”

During Coverings 2024 the doghouses will be displayed in TCNA’s booth (#7536), where a donation ceremony will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24th.

The following descriptions were provided by the companies/artists who tiled the doghouses:

AlysEdwards Tile & Stone (booth #7159)

This paw-some house was designed with man’s best friend in mind, creating an ultra-lux retreat that is both functional and fabulous!

The Over-grey porcelain walls from the Filose collection are not only durable but make cleaning a breeze. What home doesn’t have a little design element? Clean Slate from the Rok Candy collection was added to the wainscot for a little touch of texture and a built-in back massager for those “ruff” days. Topped with Gessato limestone shingles from the Suave Due collection and sealed with AlysEdwards’ signature kiss, this house will have all the dogs barking.

This doghouse was designed by the AlysEdwards Team and installed by the AlysEdwards Sample Department.

American Olean (meeting suite #245)

American Olean’s doghouse brings to life the playfulness of the brand mixed with several of this year’s hottest design elements. Blue is a very popular color choice this year, so Fido’s home features an ombré contagion of contemporary blues accented with an on-trend neutral greige. Joyful hexagons bring additional whimsy to the design, and white grout between the colored tiles adds a lively pop of cartoonish animation.

The roof is comprised of American Olean’s Conrad Brick in Marine CB96, and the exterior walls are made from Playscapes 4” hexagons in Sky PS74, Silverside PS73, and Midnight Blue PS76.

The doghouse was designed by American Olean’s Jessica Kwak and installed by Albert Pena from Mecca Design and Production.

Crossville, Inc. (booth #7048)

Offering an inclusive luxurious sensation, the resort life can be exhilarating and at the same time relaxing. Crossville’s sturdily built canine resort gives a warm, cabana-like impression and will provide its new owner with a peaceful sanctuary.

Crossville’s Cotto Moderno brings forth the essence of the earth, transforming raw materials into art. Bold brush strokes and undulating colors fluidly highlight unique textures across a variety of shapes and sizes. The bohemian style and artisanal make up of each unique tile bring nature’s energy to your vision.

Crossville’s doghouse was designed by Earl Randolph and installed by Jason Copeland using Naranja 2″ x 16″ (COM03.10216UP) field tile on the sides and Blanco 8″ x 8″ hexagon (COM01.18CHHEXUP) on the roof.

Del Conca USA (booth #3845)

Del Conca USA’s custom designed doghouse, conceptualized by the talented Del Conca Design Team and expertly installed by Weflex, merges comfort with style, embodying a cozy home with a wood roof and brick walls.

Crafted using Del Conca’s newly launched Woodchic plank collection in warm Chestnut on the roof and refined 3″ x 16″ Kensington Ice porcelain on the walls, this doghouse is more than a shelter; it is a statement of design ingenuity and compassion. Del Conca USA is proud to demonstrate its commitment to community involvement and support for our furry friends by donating this doghouse to the Homeless Pets Foundation.

Jeffrey Court (meeting suite #227)

Drawing inspiration from its Chapter 14 The Press collection, Jeffrey Court embarked on a whimsical journey to create the ultimate doggie home!

Jeffrey Court’s goal was to design a plush palace for any furry friend, built with pressed glass tiles that scream durability and charm.

Leading the pack is the Daily Mosaic in Beige, boasting a floral motif that is as delightful as a sunny day in the park. Topping it all off is the Register Mosaic in Beige, giving the roof that cozy, homey vibe. And let’s not forget the walls adorned with the 5/8″ Mosaic in Beige, adding style to the traditional doghouse scene. Together they create a blend of neutral tones and captivating patterns that will have a lucky pup wagging its tail with joy—it’s not just a doghouse, it’s a canine castle fit for a queen or king!

Marble Systems (booth #7211)

Marble Systems’ doghouse uses a combination of natural stone and ceramic.

Its modern black walls are covered with absolute black granite and adorned with a White Carrara Pill fence. The garden is made from the marble Penny Round Mosaic Collection in a variety of colors. The roof, a collaboration with Country Floors, has custom printed puppies on every tile. Waterjet-cut Vanilla Marble was used to make the bone logo on the front.

Merola Tile Distributors of America (booth #7018)

Introducing the luxurious “Oh My Doghouse,” where style meets playfulness. A group of welcoming but mischievous cats envisioned the designs for this doggie dreamhouse to create a warm and inviting space for dogs to inhabit. Why would they want to do this? Naturally, dogs of the world may be suspicious of these cats’ nefarious plans, but any brave dogs venturing into this house of luxury will find themselves surrounded by a group of ferocious but friendly felines. While these cats are known to be devious, who knew they were also geniuses in design?

The doghouse roof is made from Stella Lustre Midnight 10″ x 10″ tile, a luxurious glossy black star pattern over a satin black base. The exterior walls feature Merola’s playful Oh My Dog 10″ x 10″ tiles. Oh My Dog is a continuous tapestry of 13 different print faces of various dogs, including Merola’s very own “Buddy Merola.” The playful pups come to life with a clear, glossy finish, contrasting against the satin white base.

The multi-paned windows, made up of Viva Azul 4″ x 4″ wall tiles and Chester Demi-Bullnose Matte Nero quarter-round tiles, add architectural charm. Peek through the windows, and you may spot the likeness of the sneaky cats from the Oh My Cat 10″ x 10″ tiles that fill the inside back wall. All the dogs will be chasing to get inside. And don’t miss the Viva Azul 6″ x 7″ Hex tile above the entryway—a whimsical touch reminiscent of an attic window.

All products were approved and selected by John Merola and installed by the Merola Tile Distributors of America team.

Mosaic Companies (booth #7708)

A treat for the noble companion, Anthology Tile presents its 2024 Monarch of the Kennel doghouse design.

Inspired by imperial pets of the past, Anthology’s approach brings the luxurious look of opulent tile to a contemporary canine castle designed by the creative team at Mosaic Companies LLC, parent company of Anthology Tile.

Combining glass, porcelain, natural stone, and ceramic materials, the house features an adorable touch of white paws tiptoeing across the exterior walls. Monarch of the Kennel provides a lavish retreat where dogs can feel like true royalty.

Products used:

  • Roof: Regal Tigers Eye from the Anthology Tile Royal Gems Collection (glass 12″ x 12″ mosaic)
  • Walls: Gris Naturalle from the Anthology Tile Marbleridge Reserve Collection (porcelain 12″ x 24″)
  • Windows: Daisy Lane from the Anthology Tile Panache Collection (natural stone 11″ x 12″ mosaic)
  • Trim and base: Blazen Zellige from the Anthology Tile Moroccan Habitat Collection (ceramic 4″ x 4″, pencil liner and chair rail)
  • Interior: Foggy Bricks from the Anthology Tile Monet Magic Collection (glass 12″ x 15″ mesh mounted subway)

Portobello America (booth #7320)

Get ready to unleash the bark of excitement, because Portobello America is setting a new trend in canine luxury! Portobello America is thrilled to announce the donation of its ultra-chic doghouse, a true masterpiece of design and comfort, to one fortunate four-legged friend.

This isn’t just any dog abode; it’s a vision brought to life with Portobello’s premier American-crafted 4″ x 16″ Watercolor wall tiles in the stunning Snowland shade. Enveloping this stylish sanctuary are the company’s most exquisite tiles, the Impasto series, in an eye-catching palette of Azure, Clearwater, and Elves hues.

With this harmonious blend of design and palette, the lucky pup will not just be living in a doghouse, but a work of art that will have tails wagging with envy.

Questech Corp. (meeting suite #320)

Questech’s handcrafted doghouse is designed to showcase their mixed metals in a swirling array of retro shapes, incorporating all aspects of their design process by seamlessly combining elements from their Classic Metal and Fresco lines.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the Art Deco movement, the design features meticulously crafted mixed metal finished tiles and a blend of decorative field and mosaic tiles, creating a visually captivating space that reflects a harmony of diverse elements.

Rooted in retro charm while embracing contemporary design sensibilities, the doghouse pays homage to deco aesthetics with its luxurious blend of mixed metals, offering a stylish and comfortable retreat for its future furry resident.

Questech’s doghouse was designed by Gabriel Oberkirch and Julia Swain and installed by Gabriel Oberkirch using the following tiles:

  • Classic Metal Tile Line Picket Mosaic in Graphite
  • Classic Metal Tile Line Scallop Mosaic in Gold
  • Classic Metal Tile Line 3″ x 9″ Subway in Brushed Nickel
  • Fresco 4″ x 4″ Field Tile in Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Fresco 3″ x 6″ Subway Tile in Wrought Iron
  • Fresco Triangle Mosaic in Classic Bronze
  • Fresco 1″ x 12″ Liner in Brushed Nickel

Summitville Tiles (booth #7253)

Summitville’s doghouse was inspired by Graham Jackson, Sr. AKA “The Ambassador of Good Will,” who was a famous musician from Atlanta, GA. He gained national notoriety after appearing on the cover of Life Magazine in 1945. Jackson’s tear-stained face was photographed as he played “Goin’ Home” on the accordion at the departure of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral train from Warm Springs, GA.

The focal point is obvious with the white and black thin brick with wood-grain quarry tile above and below, all designed to mimic the piano and accordion in Mr. Jackson’s honor. The home is topped off with tumbled thin brick from the General Shale Denver plant that blends well but also adds some great texture and character. Summitville is not quite “Goin’ Home” after being acquired in February but is goin’ forward as a brand of General Shale.

Products used:

  • Strata 2 #55 Sandrock
  • Glazed Thin Brick 510 Frost White
  • Glazed Thin Brick 568 Silhouette
  • General Shale Thin Brick Carbon

Unique Design Solutions (booth #7363)

Unique Design Solutions has unveiled a stunning masterpiece – a one-of-a-kind mosaic tile doghouse designed to benefit the Homeless Pets Foundation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the handmade mosaic tile doghouse is a testament to the company’s commitment to creativity and philanthropy.

Drawing inspiration from the charm of a typical farmhouse, the design features three tiers of products meticulously arranged to create an unprecedented visual spectacle. Natural Stone, Glass, and Antique Copper come together seamlessly, accentuating the timeless elegance of the structure.

The chosen color palette reflects the latest trends, incorporating gorgeous shades of grey, blue, white, black, and a touch of Antique Copper. This harmonious blend of hues adds depth and character to the design, ensuring it stands out as a true work of art.

The doghouse is adorned with three different popular collections of custom-made products: the Elyptic Herringbone, Faultline, and Designer Diamond collections. A sleek black liner and Antique Copper accents further enhance its aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating focal point.

Showcasing the versatility of their handmade mosaic tiles, while also contributing to a noble cause, Unique Design Solutions aims to raise awareness about the Homeless Pets Foundation and support their vital work in Atlanta and beyond.

Also providing a doghouse: Panariagroup USA (booth #7720) & Roca USA (booth #7520)


Notes and Photos for the Editor

  • Photos of the doghouses described in this release can be viewed and downloaded for publication via the following link:

About the Homeless Pets Foundation

The Homeless Pets Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, aiding abandoned and homeless animals, and placing adoptable dogs and cats in forever homes. Since its founding in 1998, it has placed more than 10,000 pets into loving homes.

For more information, please visit

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