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(Clemson, SC)—Demonstrating tile’s exceptional beauty, versatility, and style, members of Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA) will generously donate sixteen beautifully handcrafted tiled doghouses to Florida Little Dog Rescue at Coverings 2023 in Orlando, FL.

The participating companies include: AlysEdwards Tile & Stone (booth #4223), Anthology (booth #3200), Appomattox Tile Art (booth #4221), ARTO Brick & Tile (booth #4423), Casa Ceramica (booth #4420), Crossville, Inc. (booth #2600), Del Conca USA (booth #1500), Florida Tile (booth #3620), Iris US (booth #2619), Jeffrey Court (meeting suite #206), Marazzi (meeting suite #200), Portobello America (booth #2605), Questech Corp. (meeting suite #125), StonePeak Ceramics (booth #2619), Summitville Tiles (booth #3921), and Wonder Porcelain (booth #2612).

The forms used to make the doghouses were custom manufactured and contributed by Wedi Corp. (booth #3930).

“Every year at Coverings TCNA members give back to the local community through their time, talent, and tile,” remarked TCNA Marketing Director, Kathy Meyer. “This year we are pleased to donate these beautiful doghouses to Florida Little Dog Rescue to support their mission to help unwanted, abused, and abandoned little dogs.”

Florida Little Dog Rescue is thankful to TCNA and its members for providing these lovely and thoughtfully designed doghouses,” said Florida Little Dog Rescue’s Director, Laurie Johnson. “Funds raised from raffling the doghouses will directly benefit our medically needy pups as they arrive in rescue. We greatly appreciate TCNA’s support in helping us rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for the “leftovers” that are not adoption candidates and are on their last day.”

During Coverings 2023 the doghouses will be displayed in TCNA’s booth (#3219), where a donation ceremony will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 20th.

The following descriptions were provided by the companies/artists who tiled the doghouses:

AlysEdwards Tile & Stone (booth #4223)

Warm things up with AlysEdwards as they explore the newest collections of building blocks. Whether you are mixing and matching with the Blendables, creating a peaceful space with the Rok Candy, or designing your own personal retreat with Crio’s Porto-guese Flor Tiles, AlysEdwards has custom looking products to fit your needs.

Products Used:

Roof: Rok Candy 6″ x 6″ in Got to Jet Matte
Inside and side walls: Tongue in Chic 2″ x 10″ in Cut me some Flax
Perimeter wainscot and entry archway: Suave Tumbled Pezzi Mosaic in Pecora Nera
Front and back Crio Porto-guese Flor Tile 4″ x 4″ in Antique Pewter
Floor: Blendables Talking in Circles in Flannel and Get to the Point in Fleece. 
This doghouse was designed by the AlysEdwards Team and installed by the AlysEdwards Sample Department.

Anthology (booth #3200)

This year Anthology, one of the well-known brands owned by Mosaic Companies, is featuring a number of design components shown in this canine palace.

Since white is always on-trend, Anthology featured a monochromatic overall theme with accents of mother-of-pearl and bright shades of blue. The roof is made from Anthology’s Apex Pearl. This beautiful Thassos marble has inlaid white mother-of-pearl and is truly stunning. The windows are adorned with incredible blue mother-of-pearl slivers, also from the D-Lux Pearl Collection. The inside walls feature the beautiful Waterview 2″ x 10″ from the Anthology Watercolors Collection to match the windows and create a calm and serene resting place for any adorable pup. 

The outside walls are clad with the timelessly classic combination of matte and gloss tiles.

The pièce de résistance is the custom-designed doggie in the window, made from hand-cut glass mosaics.

Appomattox Tile Art (booth #4221)

Appomattox Tile Art’s doghouse showcases a marble “olive branch” hexagon design, which is part of their Foliage Collection. The doghouse was designed by Cindy Haynie.

ARTO Brick & Tile (booth #4423)

ARTO’s doghouse design was a team effort by the talented Kym Battaglia of BattagliaStile and Bianca Ecklund, owner of Bianca Ecklund Design. The doghouse was inspired by Los Angeles’ South Bay, where they are both located.

ARTO’s doghouse features ceramic trim pieces on the roof and molding for the base. Hand-painted decorative tiles were used for the floor and an arabesque pattern for the walls. The doghouse’s main color is a ceramic green resembling the Pacific Ocean.

Casa Ceramica (booth #4420)

Casa Ceramica’s doghouse was designed and installed by their in-house design and installation team. The tiles and trim pieces are from Casa Ceramica’s most popular tile collections: Mediterranean and Palacio. 

Crossville, Inc. (booth #2600)

Crossville’s doghouse was designed and installed by Earl Randolph. The inspiration comes from Snoopy, whose joyful character is sustainable throughout time.

Crossville’s upcoming launch of Snippet features a variety of colors, and red was the choice for this project. Snippet can be laid in many patterns, as seen on the Snippet Pattern Builder in Crossville’s booth. The specific product items used were SNP23.10312L and SNP23.10312R, Lipstick 3″ x 12″ in a spiral pattern around the outside walls. The roof has a wing pattern, as Snoopy loved to challenge the Red Baron in aerial campaigns.

Del Conca USA (booth #1500)

Del Conca’s doghouse features warmer tones in a nice combination of tiles from their Nature Collection. Fior di Bosco 4″ x 12″ was used for the roof, and Taj Mahal 4″ x 12″ was used on the sides, front, and back.

Iris US (booth #2619)

Iris US’s doghouse showcases their Maxfine Agata Black polished tile.

Jeffrey Court (meeting suite #206)

Jeffrey Court’s doghouse design is the perfect mix of modern and classic, taking you back to their roots in warm Palm Springs, CA. The design was centered around terrazzo from their Chapter 5 Collection – Modern Mixer. Created with a unique composite made of pieces of granite, marble, and quartz, this collection focuses on the timeless, yet stylish mid-century modern aesthetic that defies simplicity, functionality, and boldness.

The exterior front and left and right walls were encased with a 3″ x 12″ Field tile (51646) at the bottom, creating a baseboard, and Cloven 12″ x 12″ Mosaic (51651) in the color Vermouth. Cloven’s pattern is a mix of terrazzo and Honed Dolomite. The back walls were created using the 3″ x 12″ Field Tile (51646) in Vermouth with a subway offset.

To create a contrasting element, Jeffrey Court’s Chapter 18 Rotunda Collection (3/8″ Composition Mosaic in Honed Dolomite, 18130) was used on the roof and inside arch of the doorway. To accessorize and complete the doghouse, a floor pad showcasing Jeffrey Court’s 3″ Hexagon Mosaic in solid Vermouth terrazzo (51649) was added.

The doghouse was expertly created by Jeffrey Court’s in-house sample department whiz, Korrina Zavala, who made the product development team’s dreams come to life with each detail, perfectly aligning the angles to bring their vision to life.

Marazzi (meeting suite #200)

Bold, daring, and the epitome of style, Marazzi provides captivating designs that integrate Italian panache into exciting and imaginative tile products. So, it is no surprise that Marazzi’s doghouse gives Fido a place to lay his head that is the envy of the rest of the pack! 

Marazzi’s doghouse combines comfortable, rustic living with sleek, modern style. The roof’s authentic wood-look tiles from Marazzi’s Vero collection add a harmonious infusion of nature.  Walls impress with a sophisticated Art Deco 3-D cube design from Marazzi’s De Segni collection, a classic reinterpretation of traditional Italian handmade cement tiles. Rounding off the doghouse’s eclectic design, the floor features a contemporary hexagon pattern from Marazzi’s Artistic Reflections.

As you can see, the interplay of all three elements achieves a wonderful balance of styles that creates a rustic, relaxed, yet contemporary atmosphere for your favorite canine companion. 

Portobello America (booth #2605)

Portobello America Unveils a Modern Terralma doghouse inspired by the raw beauty of the natural materials of the outdoor environment.

The Terralma doghouse is a unique and modern project that blends a design inspired by the essence of earth and the beauty of porcelain tile to create a stunning and functional doghouse that is perfect for any pet lover. The Terralma doghouse features a modern palette of earthy tones, complemented by cool, nature-inspired nuances. Portobello America explored the concept of cladding to develop a unique product that preserves the essence of the material, while transforming it into a functional and beautiful doghouse. It not only ties back to the earth and the environment but also provides

a comfortable and safe space for pets to relax and play. The unique design of the Terralma doghouse ensures it is weather-resistant and durable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The doghouse was designed by: Portobello America’s design team and features tiles from their Terralma collection: Bora Bora Blue 3″ x 14″ Natural Pressed and Noronha 3/5″ x 14″ Liner Satin Pressed.

Questech Corp. (meeting suite #125)

Questech’s doghouse was inspired by their local landscape, the Green Mountains of Vermont. The doghouse was designed with custom cast metal tile side panels with a night sky mountain scene and a 3-dimensional hand-carved wolf howling at the moon, specially designed for any lucky pup.

To complement the night sky mountain scene, mosaics from their Classic Metal tile line were used on the roof, entrance, and back of the doghouse, along with their decorative liners to complete the look. Questech hopes this one-of-a-kind doghouse finds a loving home.

The doghouse was designed by Gabriel Oberkirch and Julia Swain and installed by Gabriel Oberkirch.

Questech Tiles used:

  • Side panels: Custom night sky mountain scene with a hand-carved wolf and moon in Brushed Nickel, Wrought Iron, Titanium, and Aztec Gold finishes
  • Front & back panels: Classic Metal Tile line Picket Mosaic in Brushed Nickel
  • Roof: Classic Metal Tile line Scallop Mosaic in Aztec Gold, Bronze, and Graphite
  • Details: Questech Decorative liners, Soho Pencil in Brushed Nickel, and the NEW 8′ seamless quarter round Jolly in Matte Black.

StonePeak Ceramics (booth #2619)

StonePeak Ceramics’ doghouse features two of their newest surfaces, Gemma Bianca polished mosaic on the roof, and Offroad Kona polished on the walls.

Summitville Tiles (booth #3921)

Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, Summitville Tiles’ doghouse showcases their hexagonal Quarry Tile finished in a green glaze. The tiles’ contrast with black grout draws much of the attention giving ode to St Patrick. Using Savannah Thin Brick adds a cool neutral finish to a classic brick home. The stack bond pattern with natural grout helps make it a cool place to catch a nap. Also used were Quarry Tile in the company’s original color, 10 Summitville Red, in hopes that it makes a loving and long-lasting home. The Thin Brick walls and shaped roof are connected by

a deep gray Quarry Tile Bullnose along the ridge linking the brick and shaped roof. The arched entryway features a black glazed thin brick.

Materials used:

Contour Quarry Tile – Glazed Shamrock Green 5-1/4″ Hexagon
Contour Quarry Tile – Glazed Shamrock Green 3″ x 9″ Picket
Thin Brick – 26 Savannah 2-1/4″ x 7-5/8″ x 9/16″
Thin Brick – Glazed Black 2-1/4″ x 7-5/8″ x 9/16″
Quarry Tile – 10 Summitville Red 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″ Fabricated
Quarry Tile – 86 Elephant Gray 8″ Bullnose
S-400 Quick-Set Epoxy Thin-Set
S-400 Epoxy Grout 991 Black
S-730 Grout Natural Gray

Wonder Porcelain (booth #2612)

Wonder Porcelains’ doghouse is enveloped with their new line: Marme de Luxe a Carrera; inspired tile with a hexagon floor… fancy digs for the lucky dog.

About Florida Little Dog Rescue

Founded in 2009, Florida Little Dog Rescue (FLDR) rehabilitates unwanted, abused, and abandoned little dogs and places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members. FLDR rescues dogs from all over the state of Florida, but its focus is the Central Florida area. FLDR is 100% volunteer-based, which means no overhead or salary costs. FLDR receives no governmental funding; its mission is strictly supported through the generosity of donations!

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