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The ISO Technical Committee, ISO/TC189, develops standards for ceramic tiles and related installation materials, including grouts, adhesives, and membranes. These standards include test methods, definitions, specifications, and classifications which serve to unify the global industry and facilitate international trade.

ISO/TC 189 meets in-person annually and several times a year through web-based and in-person Working Group meetings. With a membership of delegates from approximately 50 countries, the Committee represents the diverse interests of the ceramic tile industry worldwide. Serving as Secretariat to ISO/TC 189, TCNA and the U.S. delegation are heavily involved in many of the world's most significant standards development issues facing the ceramic tile industry today.

To view a list of Committee Officers, TC 189's business plan, and a list of participating and observing countries visit the ISO/TC 189 Homepage.

The next ISO TC 189 meeting is scheduled for July 8-11, 2014. The meeting will be hosted by TCNA in Clemson, SC.