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Tiling Over Laminate

Can I tile over laminate?

The manufacturers' of tile cement (thinset) have developed a specialty thinset for setting tile that bonds well to resin-based laminates (often called plastic laminates). However, as with all tile installations, the entire substrate below the tile is important - not only the layer to which the tile is bonded.

To safely tile over laminates, the following generally should be true:

  • The laminate must be clean and free of wax or other bond breakers.
  • The laminate must be well attached.
  • The substrate below the laminate must meet the L/360 specification.
  • For counters, the substrate should be more substantial than just 3/4" plywood with a layer of laminate. Rather it must meet normal tile installation specs before you should consider applying tile directly to the laminate.
  • Mechanical abrasion of the laminate may be necessary to insure a good bond.

For more information regarding suitable countertop construction (for use under tile), please refer to the TCNA Handbook, details C511, C512, and C513.